First Assembly of the International Solar Alliance.

The First Assembly of the ISA will take place from 2nd – 5th October, 2018 at Delhi-NCR, India. The 3-day Assembly will include an Inaugural Session, followed by the Assembly Session and Technical Sessions. As per Article IV of the ISA Framework Agreement, the Assembly will meet annually at the Ministerial level at the seat of the ISA and will be attended by the ISA Member Countries. The ISA Prospective Countries, Partner Countries, dignitaries from the United Nations, Presidents of Multilateral Development Banks, global funds, international financial institutions, leaders from energy-related institutions, corporate sector, and civil society are expected to attend the Assembly as Observers. Attendance to the Inaugural Session and the First Assembly of the ISA are restricted to select stakeholders and by invitation only. More details will follow shortly.

Statements made by the heads of delegations of the member countries at First Assembly of the ISA on 3rd October, 2018 New Delhi, India.

The Journey of the ISA

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is conceived as a coalition of solar resource rich countries to address their special energy needs and to provide a platform for collaboration to address the identified gaps through a common and agreed approach. The ISA was launched at 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC CoP21) on 30 November 2015 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, HE Narendra Modi and then-French President, HE Francois Hollande. HE Ban Ki Moon, then-Secretary General of the United Nations, also graced the occasion. The Paris Declaration establishing the ISA states that the countries share the collective ambition to undertake innovative and concerted efforts for reducing the cost of finance and cost of technology for immediate deployment of solar generation assets. This will help pave the way for future solar generation, storage and good technologies for each prospective member countries’ individual needs by mobilising over USD1000 billion in solar investments by 2030. Achieving these objectives of the ISA will also help countries achieve climate targets inscribed in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

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