Selection Procedure
Selection Process:

1. Each year, award applications will be invited from eligible entities from the ISA member countries. The ISA will also find out member countries who have installed solar pumps or floating solar projects to choose a suitable awardee. 

2. The eligibility criterion, for the awards will be communicated by the ISA on Awards web page in advance.

3. Applications for these awards shall be submitted directly on the website or to the respective National Focal Points (NFPs) on or before the due date.

The applicants will be shortlisted through a two-step selection process.

4. The Screening Committee constituted by the ISA Secretariat in consultation with the state governments/ award partners each year will shortlist applications based on the pre-set criteria. 

5. The International Awards Committee will review the shortlisted applications. The winning application will be chosen by the chair of the IAC.

The Award would be presented during the 4th Assembly of the International Solar Alliance or any international event.