2024 Governance Meetings

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) convenes its governance meetings annually at the Ministerial level, including the Assembly, meetings of the Standing Committee and Regional Committees. These meetings facilitate in-depth analysis and review of the ISA activities under the ISA strategic priorities through deliberations amongst its Member Countries.

The Standing Committee establishes the overarching agenda for the year, which is then deliberated upon in the Regional Committee Meetings with a regional context. The Assembly serves as the platform to collate and synthesise these deliberations, where the outcomes are presented for conclusive decisions.

The ISA governance meetings are held at Ministerial levels with Hon’ble Ministers, National Focal Points, Heads of Missions, Honorary Consuls from Member, Signatory and Prospective Member Countries based in New Delhi, India, and representatives of the ISA Observer and Partner organisations. These meetings foster a collaborative environment among the ISA membership, bolstering their partnership by identifying potential areas of synergy and cooperation.

The 2024 governance meetings will focus broadly on the following:
  • Programmatic support to Member Countries through the ISA Programmes
  • ISA flagship initiatives: STAR-C, SolarX Startup Challenge, Global Solar Facility, ‘Solar for She’
  • Private Sector engagements
  • Country Partnership Framework
  • Work programme and Budget for 2024
  • Matters pertaining to the Secretariat
Schedule of ISA governance meetings for 2024
Particular Governance Meeting Date and Venue Online Registration link
1. Seventh Session of the Assembly 3 - 5 November, New Delhi - -
2. Tenth Meeting of the Standing Committee 25 June, New Delhi - -
3. Eleventh Meeting of the Standing Committee 20 September, New Delhi - -
4. Fifth Meeting of the Regional Committee for Europe and the Others Region 11 - 13 June, Brussels Registration Link
5. Sixth Meeting of the Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific Region 22 - 24 July, Abu Dhabi - -
6. Sixth Meeting of the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean Region TBD - -
7. Sixth Meeting of the Regional Committee for Africa Region 27 - 29 August, Abidjan - -