Key responsibilities of the Secretariat

Key responsibilities of the Secretariat

In accordance with the article III.4 of the ISA Framework Agreement, the Secretariat, inter alia, shall: 

  • assist the National Focal Points in preparing the Programmes proposals and recommendations submitted to the Assembly;
  • provide guidance and support to Members in the implementation of each Programme, including for the raising of funds;
  • act on behalf of the Assembly, or on behalf of a group of Members participating in a particular Programme, when so requested by them; and in particular establishes contacts with relevant stakeholders;
  • set and operate all means of communication, instruments and cross-cutting activities required for the functioning of the ISA and its Programmes, as approved by the Assembly.

The Secretariat comprises of the Director General and other leadership members. The Director General is selected by and is responsible to the Assembly for the appointment of the Secretariat’s leadership team, for a term of four years. One of the key assignments of the Director General include providing support for the organization and functioning of the Secretariat.

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