The Assembly

The Assembly is the apex decision-making body of the International Solar Alliance (ISA). The Assembly on which each ISA Member country is represented, makes decisions concerning the implementation of the ISA’s Framework Agreement and coordinated actions to be taken to achieve its objective. The Assembly meets annually at the Ministerial level at the seat of the ISA.

The Assembly assesses the aggregate effect of the Programmes and other activities under the ISA, in terms of deployment of solar energy, performance, reliability, as well as cost and scale of finance. Based on this assessment, Member countries take all necessary decisions regarding the further implementation of the objective of the ISA. The Assembly makes all necessary decisions regarding the functioning of the ISA, including the selection of the Director General and approval of the operating budget. Each Member country has one vote in the Assembly. Observers and Partner organizations may participate without having the right to vote.

Third Assembly of the ISA

The third Assembly of the ISA was held on 14 - 16 October 2020 

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